Rabbit Hazards


Electrical Cords My Deceased Rabbit Chewed.
November 2017
I still miss my Ressie Bun so when I was going through some studio stuff I couldn't bring myself to throw out the collection of chewed cords I had been hoarding.

I also hadn't made time to make personal work in months which isn't particularly good for my mental health. 

Then last week I read some random article about how waking up and looking at the internet is about the worst thing you can do for your brain. I know this. I have purpousfully stayed off the internet for 3+ hours after waking up at various points in time, but I hadn't been doing that lately. 

So last week I started weaving when I wake up. Even spending 15min weaving right after I wake up (and feed the cat, feed the new rabbit, say hi to the plants, etc...) has made dealing with the rest of the day so much easier. Plus I end up with weird art in the end, so win/win.