The need for SPACE

Scroll down for the surveys or read to know what I am thinking about. 

After graduating from Alfred University in 2006, one of the things I needed most was space to work. I could see there was an abundance of space available in Potsdam but much of it was too big, too far out of town, or just not conducive to art making. It took about six months of searching and badgering a particular landlord, but eventually I found an affordable space. It was on a third floor walk-up in an impractical old building but it worked. I had years of fun; inviting friends over to draw, exploring the strange old building, and making lots of art. 

Over the years I would get asked regularly by college students, visitors, and community members where they could rent their own space. Musicians, metaphysical practitioners, and artists are all looking for somewhere to work and connect with other people. I have approached other organizations with the idea of a community work space, but for various reasons, it is not within their capacity to make one happen at present. Most recently I have abruptly lost my studio space and been pushed to think creatively about my own work space. 

I've found a 2,200 square foot space on the ground floor with natural light and a kitchenette. It needs about $15,000 worth of work to modify it, but structurally and location-wise it is perfect. In order to move forward with this business venture I need to know more specifically what the community wants. While I will most likely create a LLC, with myself as the sole owner, I want this space to truly serve the community and its needs. In order to do this I want to hear from you. What are you interested in seeing happen in Potsdam? What would you like to be a part of?

I've created three surveys to help figure this out. Each survey you fill out will enter your name in a drawing for one of these generously donated local offerings. 


Prizes include:

  • A handmade wristlet by graverobbergirl
  • Sterling silver and pearl charm bracelet made by Jody Loconti
  • One thirty minute reiki session from Which Way Reiki
  • Invigorating Bath Salts created by Which Way Reiki
  • An Immunity Support roller ball essential oil mixture by Which Way Reiki 
  • A framed vinyl decal made by Arthur Ford

For people interested in taking classes and attending events, please fill out this survey.

For folks interested in renting creative work space and teaching, please fill out this survey.

And here's the survey for Metaphysical Practitioners.

Once the community has filled out the surveys I will work with the Small Business Development Center at SUNY Canton, and then a lawyer to figure out the best way to structure SPACE's offerings. 

If you would like to support my efforts financially you are welcome to purchase a painting square for $5, which will also enter your name in a drawing for a painting of your choice. 

You can also "like" our page on Facebook and join the group to be a part of the conversation.

Thank you and feel free to ask me any questions you have by emailing