Resin Pendant Workshop Space

Resin Pendant Workshop Space


Just one resin workshop on the 20th at 730 pm for February so far and I’d love to hear feedback about what folks would like to see more of.

Let me know if there are other days of the week and times that would be better for you in the future.

I'll provide the materials, technical experience, and space. 

You bring your aesthetic sensibilities and are welcome to bring objects to turn into pendants. Molds are about have a centimeter deep so keep this in mind. I'll have plenty of fun stuff on hand for you to play with so don’t feel like you need to bring anything.

Please contact me to discuss what will work and what won't as not all objects are suitable for resin and my molds do have size limitations. 

An important thing to consider is that whatever you want to put in resin needs to be dry so flowers need to be pressed and/or totally dried out.

Please wear clothing you are ok with possibly getting ruined. 

A big issue with resin is that it can totally mess up so there is no guarantee these will come out well. Potentially whatever we put in the pendant could be ruined and we wouldn't know until a few days later, but as long as you understand that, this will be a fun learning experience. 

Contact me at to set up your visit and discuss a discount if you plan on purchasing more than one space.

You can also email me if you would like to set up a private event with friends on another date and time. 

Also, please note, for some reason folks have been having issues with purchasing spots from a phone. If you have any issues, please try on a tablet, laptop, or desktop. Apologies for any inconvenience this may cause you.

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