Resin And Such


If you and I are connected on social media in any way, you’ve probably seen some of my resin work. I get asked how I got started with resin pretty frequently so I figured I would write it up.


I have been working with resin for about ten years now. Probably the first major piece I made with resin was a mortuary urn commissioned by the Regretsy community for a fellow community member who had passed away at a young age. 


Here I am with my friend's dog and the urn before I packed and shipped it out. It was a turtle with a cat and dragon riding on its back plus a bunch of wacky Regretsy insider jokes. To get the bright colors I used acrylic paints and then sealed the whole thing in resin. I didn't know much about resin back then so it was a huge mess and totally destroyed my favorite pants.

Since then I have used resin to seal many sculptures that needed a bright and sometimes sparkly finish. This often resulted in extra resin and I would do all kinds of random stuff like seal candy in it just to see what would happen. Last year I realized I could be doing something more productive with the leftover resin and bought some silicone pendant molds. The pendants were fun and not that hard to work with so I stared offering workshops for other people to make their own. My students' pendants would need touch up coats of resin and then I would use the left over resin to make stuff myself. The results of this are all kinds of funky pendants and earrings such as this skull and flower pendant.


And just to clarify all my insects and animal bones are ethically sourced, which means they were found deceased already. I don’t write about how I process animals all that much as I know not everyone is comfortable with it, but you are welcome to send me a message if you are interested in knowing more.