Long Time No Write

View from the Mt Adams fire tower

View from the Mt Adams fire tower


I realize it's been a bit since I wrote. This time last year I was in the midst of a complicated legal and financial mess. A lot of you helped in so many ways and I have yet to say thank you, other than on social media and to people I see in person; so first I want to say thanks to everyone who has helped out in any way shape and form. 

With all your help I was able to move my studio to a new location and have now been there for a bit over a year now. It unfortunately took until May to fully move and by then I was so exhausted from it all and needed a break. So while I have been working I've also made a point to take it easy. I've spent a lot of time out in nature; swimming and hiking with my doggo friend, foraging for wild mushrooms, and spending time with friends.

I'm not entirely sure how I want to talk about what happened as while I made many mistakes various people and organizations caused me unnecessary harm. I know that when I share I want to do so in a way that is an invitation for everyone to do better and I'm still contemplating what that will be like. 

In the meantime I'm still looking to create a community work space in Potsdam. I've been running classes to see what community members are interested in being a part of and am looking for a location for my large kiln. Tentatively I'm thinking somewhere like a warehouse space in Massena would be good as they have low cost electricity and affordable space. So if you know of anyone who would be good for me to talk to about a space that can house a 70" x 50" x 41"  and 1,500lbs kiln that requires 3 phase power please let me know. The SLC Arts Council, IDA, AEDC, and NOCO Children's Museum are unfortunately not able to work with me on this so I'm looking for suggestions other than them.

There's still more loose ends I need to tie up from last yearish so I'll be writing again soon.

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