Thank You!

You Rock!

Thank you so much for reading last week's post, and if you didn't that's cool too. I still appreciate you. 

I'm happy to say that by sharing honestly what has been going on, while scary, it feels like a massive weight has been lifted. I felt so much better after I started talking to people and asking for help that I made a video to celebrate summer produce season.

Seriously, I like zucchini THAT much. 

I'm also excited to share that after years of weird things going on I FINALLY have a website up and running. It still needs most of its photos and copy, but the framework is all set up and I am loving adding a bit to it each day. (fyi that is where you are reading this NOW)

I'll be moving most of my listings from etsy over here and as I do so, prices will increase. So if there is something you would like, now's a great time to get it.

Also, while I know it's ridiculously hot out, now is actually the best time to get a custom order for Christmas set up.  You are welcome to order one of the custom listings onetsy or just hit reply and we can get started on creating whatever fabulous things you can envision.

Next week I will be heading to Colorado to take part in creative mentorship training for the Dream School. Then starting in September I will be working with high school seniors to help them develop a year long creative project. it's a very part time position but I've never worked with high schoolers before so I am a little intimidated. If this is something you would be interested in being a part of let me know and I can connect you with the organizers. 

As for the drawing at the top here, it is part of something I have been doing for myself recently in order to pull myself out of the funk I have been in. I have also been drawing for other people in this style and at some point this will become a service I offer. I'm not sure where it is going but it feels important for me to do. If you are an entrepreneur, creative, healer, or other magical person of any type, feel free to join me in my facebook group  

I look forward to hearing about what you would like to create! 

Thanks Again,

- Sara