Self Worth

This is something I posted on Facebook in October but it feels important to have here, so here's the repost.


I've had this weird baby dress saved for painting on for over a year. I had very involved plans that would have taken months to do but instead I stretched it on a frame I got from my Grandmother and painted it that day. A bit of blue glitter was added at the suggestion of a smart 10yr old and then it was done.

I made this thinking about a conversation I had this weekend about self worth.  The bottom is about feeling really shitty and questioning my and my life's works' value, which is something that has kept me going around in endless circles. The top is about stepping into knowing and feeling that what you do and who you are is inherently valuable. 

What's interesting is that in making this painting, I can now see the mental circles I had been feeling so caught up in and begin step out of them.

I'm loving that the drawing practice I have developed meshes so well with the painting practice I started but then neglected. 

Also, in looking at this photo, I seem to have accidentally made a white girl dream catcher. If I start making these with crocheted doilies and tying feathers to them, please tell me to knock it off.   

I just came up with a sample lesson for teaching my drawing process and will be turning it into a pdf. If this sounds like something you would be interested in, feel free to join my group